Specialist for Speciali­zation

Essential specialization leads to effort­less work and income.

I name YOUR cash cow talent!

For all those who have "booked" effort­less­ness on their way to self-full­fil­ment and really want to find and live ways to get there and to deepen it.

Scanners and Jack-of-all-trades are expli­citely wel­comed!

Your investment for one session is 107 GBP (147 USD / 125 EUR / 138 CHF) (duration bet­ween 45 and 90 minutes) all prices include VAT.

Currently special discount for people who have lost their existence basis through government rules e.g. in the personal service, touristic, arts/culture and gastronomy market: 90% off.

The counseling sessions are held either by telephone, video conference or in person at my premises in Cyprus, Paphos region.

The number of sessions to detect your ideal speciali­zation are usually between 2 and 10.

About me:

My name is Gabriel, I was born in 1968 and grew up in Munich (Germany) and moved to Cyprus in 2017.

I work as an IT free­lancer since 1987, curently specialized in SAP software in the area of financial accounting, group consolidation and reporting, as well as an in-depth knowledge for my clients business processes.

Through my own life, I have understood how our calling is already working unconsciously at every point in time through our higher guidance.

It is a matter close to my heart to support people in their self-fulfillment by naming essence-conforming activities in their professions in order to generate effortless daily being.

"Every professional field is big enough to find your unique place in it. The 100% dedi­cation to your 0.1% unique­ness requires time, patience, courage, awareness and clarity. I am happy to support you on this path and to set the course positive for your future and develop­ment!"

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