is your current or futurely professional activity in synch with your essence ?


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How well do the following statements fit into your current or futurely planned activity respectively path ? (In this questionaire I have used the present tense for all questions but it is of course also meant for your futurely field of activity or way)
I am authentic with it, it represents me and is "mine"
I deal with it because it is good for me and brings joy
It promotes my body, mind, feeling, spirit and soul development
My enthusiasm in it creates a flow of energy that radiates outwards and is good for the outside
(e.g. my clients) and brings them further
I don't actually need any education for it, because it interests me so much that I could teach everything myself or have already done so
I can indulge to it for an infinite amount of time and forget everything around me
It is charging my life battery instead of living from it, actually I don't need a vacation
It is possible to start small and profitable with low investments while it allows me to
theoretically increase the profit/
the immaterial or material value for me and the world without limits
The salary / erergy balance for it is consistent (compensation)
I would begin with it again and again at any time
I could invest 120% of my life time into it, I have no intention of reducing
It corresponds to the current quality of time and my chosen place of living