Specialist for Speciali­zation

My vocation is to name respectively con­firm a co­herent speciali­zation or niche, this in­cludes the clari­fi­ca­tion of the cash cow talent.

Objective: In­crease in value and meaning­ful­ness for the bene­fit of all in­volved.

For: companies and individuals.

Please bring: the un­condi­tional in­tention of wanting to move for­ward.

Ideal for companies with a clear spirit, purpose or vision and for individuals with a professional field that suits them.

Companies with port­folios that do not have anything in common, as well as scanners and jack-of-all-trades are expli­citly wel­come.


Individuals: per appoint­ment 72 GBP (102 USD / 84 EUR / 92 CHF) including VAT. Duration bet­ween 45 and 90 minutes. The consulta­tion takes place either by phone, ZOOM video con­ference or in person at my premises in Cyprus, Paphos region.

Ex­perience shows that the number of sessions to identify the ideal speciali­zation or niche for individuals is between 2 and 10 times. The con­sistency check of a speciali­zation idea you bring with you takes place in just 1 appoint­ment.

Companies: individual one-person-appoint­ments see above. Project work 91 GBP (124 USD / 105 EUR / 114 CHF) excluding VAT per hour for remote consultation, please inquire for on-site prices.

The company speciali­zation consul­tation takes place on a pro­ject basis. As all essential com­po­nents of the company are included the average duration of such a project cannot be generalized bec­ause it depends, among other things, on the infra­structure and culture of the com­pany.

Next ZOOM group re­garding pro­fessional topics:

The next online coaching in English will take place on Saturday, September 25th, 2021 8pm CEST (UTC+2). Invest­ment: € 28.00 including VAT. Ideal for sniffing. Maximum of 3 participants. Registration and more information here.

It is an intui­tive short coaching format where every­one brings a pro­fessional topic and where the participants are invited to share their own impulses to the questions of the others.

Next live event:

Lecture in English about the positive result of coherent spec­ializations on the week­end of No­vember 20/21, 2021 in Limassol, Cyprus St. Raphael's Resort at the Mind Body Spirit Festi­val. More infor­ma­tion and ticket booking: here.

About me:

My name is Gabriel Waldeyer, I was born in 1968 and grew up in Munich (Germany).

Since my youth I am expploring the meaning of life and other spiritual issues. Up to this day I do not accept why we incarnate from paradise on earth and then we are forced to do things that do not really suit us. This already begins with school. My calling arose from this topic:

Namely to support the transformation of a world of having to go to work (hamster wheel, modern slavery, dependency) into a world of wanting to go to work (freedom) by guiding people and companies into effortlessness or fulfillment with their professional work.

From my own essential qualities, life path and this inner call, I then recognized my gift, as well as the fact that it was already constantly slumbering unconsciously in me and working:

This is to bring people and companies into an essential specialization, with the result that all those involved benefit from it. Higher-qualified experts or high-quality and unique products achieve more money (value) and meaning in collective interaction. Both values bring freedom and humane existence.

Bringing things to the point, an eye for trea­sures and ori­gi­nals, purism, simpli­city, self-suffi­ciency, abun­dance without ex­cess and ex­tremism were and are parts of my essential qualities and the frame­work that re­pre­sents my gift and enables me to bring it into the world: financial success through speciali­zation in a broad pro­fessional field that suits me, con­centration on the essentials, omitting every­thing that costs more energy than it brings, ex­tremism as the driving force, to put every­thing without detours on the right track straight away, un­compromi­singly and self-suffi­ciency to defend my inner­most convictions against re­jection from out­side. Higher-qualified experts or high-quality and unique products achieve more money (value) and meaning in collective interaction.

I still work as an IT specialist, which represents a manifestation of my calling and vocation. More details here. However, there is no general recipe, every route is different.

Free Self-Check:

Is your current or future job in synch with your essence ?

Click here, to execute an anonymous and free self-check.

Annual impulse 2021:

"From a higher point of view, most of the people / companies are 99.9% the same respectively interchangeable. Only a 0.1% part really differs from other people or competitors. This 0.1% is what makes them unique. I analyze you respectively your company and portfolio in such a small detail that you can recognize the differing aspects. If you specialize in that 0.1%, you or your company are unique."

The 100% dedication to a 0.1% uniqueness requires time, patience, courage, humility, awareness and clarity. Achieving the 0.1% corresponds to standing out from the human respectively entrepreneurial collective and is a continuous process that can also include different professions or industries. The 0,1% include not only the factual depth of knowledge, competence and qualification, but all essential aspects of the individual or those involved in a company.

REMATON stands for ...

... a vibration frequency ... respectively a soul brand ... If you react intuitively to this, then I am the right person for your concern, no matter what the concern is. Because I mainly work from the intuitive solution level. So that the mind, which always wants to understand everything is calm, I have come up with a mental explanation:

R econnection to your
E ssence and uniqueness within your very own and supporting
M atrix where you overcome your
A nxiety and where you handle your
T oDos in
O peness upon your holistic being to walk
N on-copyable ways within your profession in which you will be most successful.

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Purity promise:

This website is free from any online marketing, advertising methods, psychological tricks, advertising offers and other useless, dishonest and annoying things, such as Cookies. References are also not listed here because they are mostly one-sided and do not provide an objective overall picture. This is my own purity law personally applied here for a service offer of the new age.

Furthermore, this website is unusually unique in its missing design / colours / art and was created without a content management system or other tool, but created with pure HTML / CSS / JavaScript and represents me insofar as it does not contain any line of superfluous coding. I am also not a great image- or marketing artist, but a friend of essential content and a highly qualified core.

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